Sams Getaway Car Arrested!!

Even this late in the game the police are tirelessly hunting down the criminals!!

It all started to go wrong on 6th December when…
Dropped Offaj_norwich placed it in Nightingale’s Perch in the Eastern England.

Just the day before, Police-19 on Patrol had set off south from the North East. Although originally headed for Milton Keynes it seems the pilot was hungry for an arrest. So…
Sams Getaway ArrestedDropped Offkeng-mk placed it to Nightingale’s Perch
After a covert mission to Farnham I am pleased to report that Sam Getaway Car has been apprehended!
Following the Farnham mission we refueled and headed for the Cambridge area where Sam had been last spotted.
We got there in time to apprehend the subject and take him into custody.

Sorry Sam- Out of the game!!

Sams Arrest

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2nd Robber makes it home!!!

It certainly seems like experience is key to this challenging Bank Job. In the past two years the game has been well finished by this point, but then this year it is Mega!! So it is no surprise that the winner is a third time robber, and so is the 2nd place!

The Janitor has made it home on Day 262.

In both of the previous two games he has been arrested! In 2012 he was the first to make it to The Bank, but was then arrested locally. Last year he didn’t even make it out of his home town before being arrested. So imagine the surprise when he robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on day Day 37, the second robber to rob a bank, and the first to rob that bank!

Janitor CoinThen, however, it all seemed to go wrong, it seemed at the time.
He set off on a tour of Scotland, with no sign of heading home. But then showed some hope by stopping of on the Isle of Arran, close to the site of the UK Mega event. Surely there will be loads of cachers passing through to bring him home? No. The cache he was placed in was not visited even once during the event!!

Then the cache was found, and the cacher reported no tb present!! What a shame.Mega Silver Coin

But then, mysteriously, he turned up in another cache in Southern Scotland- was this his experience paying off? It proved to be, because he comes in in second place, and receives the silver medal…

Still Bronze to play for. In the last update it was reported that The Dewdmyster was close to being home. Unfortunately he was picked up and taken well out of the area, so it is all to play for.

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Robber Update- Day 239 (part 2)

And for those trying, but mostly failing, to get home…
(Although one is in striking distance!!)

Sam's Getaway Car Coin

Sam’s Getaway Car is in Thacham FC
Having robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 190 whilst everyone was over in Ayreshire at the Mega Event, he then took a long while to build up the confidence to leave the safe house. Then he overshot and is now in the South!

Bilbo CoinBilbo the bank burglar is in In The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire)
He found the right ride and after languishing on the East he zoomed up to Scotland to rob In The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 182. It seems he is still there… hmmm?…

Mad Max CoinMad Max the Wrestler is in the hands of Tiny Essence
After robbing The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 167 he stayed in the area, even visiting the Mega Event, which was risky since two police officers were there!! He then made a jump to the south west where he attended an event, and where he remains.

Drake Dastardly CoinDrake Dastardly is in the hands of twowithsticks ‘2WS’
After robbing The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 122 he has not moved too far, and is obviously resting up in the North East before heading home. Or maybe, after a month, he has been adopted?

 Buster “The Punk” is in Dalhousie,s Hidden Trail 1
After robbing The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 79 he staying in the area. People have found the cache since and not mentioned him, though.

TheDewdMysterTheDewdMyster is in Secret Garden
He is in striking distance, about 10 miles, of his Home Cache. Since robbing The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 52 he has been touring Southern Scotland, only last week making a dash for home. He is a serious contender for the Silver Medal!!

Grizzly RobberThe Grizzly’s Robber is in the hands of ewanross1
Since robbing The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 52 he has toured Southern Scotland, but other than a slow move down to Yorkshire doesn’t seem too keen to get home!

Shotgun StuShotgun Stu is in Just pretend that your GPS is a Tricorder…
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 44 and ditched his fellow robbers to take a tour or Southern Scotland. He has made a slight jaunt south, but not far!!

GromitGromit the Bank Robber is in Felton Flight Path
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 39 and attempted a roundabout route home via France and the South Coast. It is not looking good as his current hide-out was raided and there is no sigh of him!!

Janitor CoinThe Janitor is in Cockburn’s Tomb
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 37 but then staying around the Mega sight seemingly unfound by any Mega attenders! However, he was then mysteriously discovered some distance away! No sign of heading home yet.

Valerio arrestedValerio Viccei- Bank Robber was Arrested.
Although he has made it home since!

Darth Raider BarsDarth Raider was arrested.
Just after making it to The Bank he visited the Mega Event where he met a policeman!

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Robber Update- Day 239 (part 1)

So, after a very quick win by Robbie McThiefy the rest of the robbers are struggling to get home. These are those who have still not made it to The Bank yet…

PumpkinSpire67’s Halloween Pumpkin  is in the hands of thejackrustles
Well he continues to be a wide traveler and I suppose we really have to question his commitment to the robbery… He stayed withing striking distance of the The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh), he was then one of only a few robbers to visit the Mega Event in Ayrshire, not many hundreds of metres from The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire). He has since visitied Luxembourg, Germany, Northern Scotland and is now back in Northeast England!! No sign of heading to either Bank soon.

Pirate Pete is in the hands of Mrs Scothog
Another one of the few to visit The Mega Event in Ayrshire, but sadly did not go for The Bank just down the road!! He is now touring Northern Scotland, and recently attended another event!

Buster BanksBuster Banks is in the hands of ReggieCat
After initially heading North from the East Midlands he has obviously been distracted by geocaching as he has completed many series in London and the South East, where he still seems to be. No sign of heading for The Bank soon.

Robbie McThiefy MissingRobbie McThiefy is Missing
Sadly this veteran of the game and this year’s winner seems to have disappeared in Wales. He was last seen in Cwm find me!

Bella Trembles MissingBella “Frog Charmer” Trembles is Missing
It seems she went to London and got lost in the crowd. She was last seen in East Wickham Open Space #4.

Fairy RobmotherFairyROBmother is Missing 
Sadly she did not move after her initial jump North. She was last seen in Newton by the Sea.

Davy PiggDavy “The Blue Fox” Pigg is Missing.
He only made one move within the East Midlands, although that was never really confirmed as he has not been seen since. He was last seen in Milton Brook Cache.

Commisioner RodzCommissioner Rodz (retired) is Missing.
It was not his size that hindered him, it was not being able to move from his Home Cache! He was last seen in RoundAbout Hilton – Large.

Terrible Two MissingThe Terrible Two is Missing
Only this week I have been contacted by someone clarifying the riules becasue they were heading to pick these chaps up on their way to The Bank!. But when they got there the cache was empty. They were last seen in Birdie birdie cheep cheep!

Of course, these last few may just have gone undercover and will wonderfully appear in The Bank without anyone seeing them coming!!?

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Bank Raid!!!

Back in July, Sam’s Getaway Car made it so close to The Bank. Dropped Off C’s placed it in Hawthornden Station – Mega Safe House which, although looked after by the same dodgy banker, is not The Bank. And there it remained whilst everyone headed off to the East coast for the Ayrshire Mega. Not so the Theclarkiebums who retrieved it.
However, it was not looking good as they started to plan their Bank Raid…
Found this in Hawthornden Safe house. Got back to the car and took a better look at it.
Read the coords on his label and thought I can get him to the place he would like to go…only it lead me to a house in a street. Quite confused now!
Will see if I can figure where I have gone wrong or just drop him off again.

It turns out that what they needed was Northern Scottish air. They went for a trip North and must have worked it all out because only a few days later…
Sam's Getaway Car CoinDropped OffTheclarkiebums placed it in The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh)
We had to case this joint a few times before we finally got into the bank and blew the safe where we deposited Sam’s getaway car!
Our first resulted in a bit of a puzzled look on my face…call this a bank? I just couldn’t imagine it! (Or where it could be??)
Second outing to suss this bank out had us casing the joint from the safety of our car whilst 3 young security guards on scooters and bikes patrolled the area…we decided the time was not right and left after a bit.

Third attempt resulted in a drive by due to the bank being shielded by security giving their patrol car a good old cleaning!
Tonight however on our fourth attempt there was no security to be seen so a swift (well as swiftly as humanly possibly by Mr Clarkiebum!) Sam’s getaway car was dropped off and job done!!

It will have a shiny coin attached, and will then be returned to the Safe House ready for the journey home this time!

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Darth Raider Arreseted

Well, this is a bit complicated since those at the MEGA are still catching up with logging caches and trackables but after contacted a few of those involved I think it is legit!!!
Let’s try to pull the events apart…

After successfully robbing The Bank, Dark was placed in the safe house on 1st August
Dropped OffROSE-&-THISTLE placed Darth Raider in A Mega 2014 Travellers Motel

from where he seems to have been Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieved later that day by Gem516 who proceeded to take him, in her handbag, toDropped Off UK Mega Event 2014 – Ayrshire and Arran on 2nd August.

Unfortunately, at the same time…
RedwoodWarriors, piloting Chase-2 on Patrol had received a tip-off…
Acting on a tip-off that the suspect had fled Safe House at motel due to pressure from motel manager and guests, Ayreshire Police Chief commanded Chase-2 to patrol Eglinton campsite to apprehend suspect.

It was not until the next day (2nd August), however…
Dropped OffRedwoodWarriors placed Chase-2 on Patrol in UK Mega Event 2014 – Ayrshire and Arran
Extended patrol to Ayr Racecourse several miles South where a large crowd was gathering at the Mega. Suspect found hiding like the coward he is, in a lady’s handbag. Arrested and held in custody.

Darth Raider Bars

Discovered ItRedwoodWarriors discovered Darth Raider
You are under arrest on suspicion of robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, fleeing justice, attempting to pervert the course of justice, possession of an offensive weapon – to wit, one “Death Grip” – and possession of an offensive face. You are not obliged to say anything, but I should warn you that if you do not now mention something that you wish to give in evidence later this may harm your defence. Do you understand? And you’re lying. You are not in the Travellers Motel, you were hiding in a lady’s handbag several miles away at the Mega in Ayr. Chase-2, Police Interceptor, on patrol in Ayrshire.


Darth arrest

It seems that Darth was then picked up and taken to his home cache straight away!!! Despite his shameful actions his owners seem happy to have him back…

Retrieve It from a Cachecooper troopers retrieved Darth Raider  from Game of Two halves (His Home Cache)
Yay he made it to the bank and back home.
Indy and I went for an early morning walk and found him the home cache. Darth had a quick go on the zip wire at the park before making Indy carry him home.

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MEGA Bank Raid!!!!

It was always going to happen, as cachers from all over the country descended on Ayrshire. But the journey for Bilbo began on 31st July…

Retrieve It from a CacheHandymoo retrieved Bilbo the bank burglar from LoB Moorcock

Well the things you have to do in the name of caching. Well what do you know, we are on our way to Scotland, looks like The Family will be involved in a robbery. Shhhh don’t tell Eve she’s a police lady

Only to be followed shortly after by…

Bilbo CoinDropped OffHandymoo placed Bilbo the bank burglar in The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire)

As we made our way towards the MEGA Bank we saw a security agent dressed in plain clothes like a muggle. He was walking an aged labradoggle as part of his disguise and from the look of the labradoggle we knew we would be ok if we had to run for it!

We parked the getaway vehicle (the (C)achers (R)esponse (V)ehicle) not too far away from the bank and made our way on foot with Bilbo as he had assured us that this was indeed the bank.

We did see someone from the Criminal Analysis Team (CAT) but to be purrfectly honest he looked more like a cat and gave us a passing glance before paying us no notice at all.

Moo and Great Aunt T did notice that the boys were hanging back as we approached the tellers window and they were rather unsure in case there were any security cameras, but it looks like they are CATnapping as there is no one around. Maybe they are doing security at Eglinton Park this evening!

Great Uncle J was brave and joined us at the bank and said “Is that a deposit box[?]” Moo took a look and opened the door. Well what do you know, Moo deposited Bilbo into the bank, job done. We managed to slip Bilbo in under the radar.

Took Nothing, but we can’t vouch for Bilbo


A coin will be attached and he will be sent on his way home, still 2nd and 3rd place to play for!!

Further reports from Islalou
At last we have arrived in Ayrshire, and after booking in at the local PI, and only time for a quick cup of coffee, it was time to once again join forces with The Family, for a major mission, Ssshhh we are off to rob The Bank!

I first became aware of this puzzle cache a couple of months ago when planning our trip to Ayr, next step was to try and find a robber. Research let me to believe Bilbo was some 50+ miles from home and had been languishing in a cache for over six weeks, and seemed to be heading in the wrong direction.

A quick email exchange with Bilbo’s top dog and she agreed if we found Bilbo we could keep him for several weeks before heading on the long trip north. Bilbo has traveled with us to all sorts of place in an attempt to confuse anyone trying to catch up with him, but we have kept him close to us, so no-one every knew he was in close proximity.

For the raid it’s self we decided to employ the services of a get away driver, (and Big Bruv-in-Law seemed the perfect choice) This meant sharing our secret, I knew the consequences of sharing information, so cleared this with The Banker first. Now how to let The Family (Nene Valley Caching Mafia) in on the secret…We were travelling in convoy through Lancashire when I dropped Bilbo into a cache for Lil’ Sis to pick up, so now she is the major player in the heist and surely I am only an accessory to the crime, my punishment will be less.

Once in the right vicinity we were surprised the security guard seemed only to be a accompanied by an aging labrador and not some fearsome doberman. Apart from the the coast seemed clear. It was the girls that took the lead, as the boys must have though we were nuts looking for a bank here, but it was Great Uncle J that spotted the easiest way to gain access, Lil’ Sis smashed the outer wall and made her way straight to the vault.

Left Bilbo to compete the job and made a hasty retreat to the get away vehicle.

My thanks to The Banker for allowing The Family to complete this cache as a team effort, it would not have been some much fun with out Lil’ Sis and Big Bruv-in-Law.

A well thought out concept, and we look forward to more of the same at future MEGA events.

Good Luck Bilbo, hope you make it to your safe house, we have really enjoyed being part of this unusual race.

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