Bank Raid!!!!

Just before all the action kicks off as cachers from all over The World head to The Bank areas this one slips in!!

Once again it began with a seemingly innocuous log…
Retrieve It from a Cacheden sure kalkun retrieved Mad Max the Wrestler from Overlooking something
You’re coming with me!

Only to be followed shortly after by…

Mad Max Coin
Dropped Offden sure kalkun
placed Mad Max the Wrestler in The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh)
He will have a shiny new coin attached and will be placed into the safe house soon.


…but it almost never happened- den sure kalkun reported…
At GZ I was a little lot confused.  There is no place to hide a cache here, surely?  I tried one, but if it was there, surely it would have had a particular attribute?  Double-checked… no, that attribute was not there.  I was then ready to give up, but Elpth found the cache.  And yes, there is a missing attribute.  This would have been a DNF were it not for Elpth’s boldness.  Well done her.

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Update coming

I am working on a full update in the next few of days, just to get a grip on where everyone is before Mega season! In the next few weeks a huge amount of the geocachers will be heading towards the Banks for two Mega events- so expect a lot of movement!!

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Valerio Viccei Arreseted

Just like his name-sake he had success but ultimately got arrested!! Lets hope that unlike his name-sake he will learn his lesson and not end up the same way.

After successfully completing (but not winning) The Bank Job 2012 he has a year off. This year, though, he couldn’t help himself. The rest doesn’t seem to have helped, though, as 5 months later with only 3 moves he was still in North West England on Day 153…

Dropped OffShortGaiters placed Valerio Viccei in Mere Sands Wood: Reap the Whirlwind
A bit closer to Scotland.

But his movements did not go unnoticed…
Chase-2 this is Base Ops…
10:50 UTC — CAT has been notified that Valerio Viccei was observed entering a geo-lodging facility about an hour ago. approximately 10 miles north of his last know address. Now in the Mere Woods area east of Southport. Your Map display has been updated. Case assignment to be posted with 10-43 later.
Base Ops 10-64viccei arrest

Chase-2’s pilot, stevebm, was quick to respond…

Valerio arrested
Dropped Offstevebm placed Valerio Viccei in Mere Sands Wood: Reap the Whirlwind

Chase 2 arrested Valerio Viccei – Bank Robber at the mere sands cache. Chase 2 was drop at the cache to make the arrest. He was left in the cache waiting to be picked up by ground support.

So, Valerio Viccei is out of the game.

Then, to rub salt into the wound another cacher visited later in the day…
Retrieve It from a Cache RedwoodWarriors retrieved Valerio Viccei from Mere Sands Wood: Reap the Whirlwind
Guess where we’re going next month? Yes, the Mega in…. Ayr! 

He may make it to The Bank, but he will not be successful in robbing it and will not receive a gold coin!


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Bank Raid!!!!

And just like buses, more than one at a time, will there be a third to make the saying complete?

This one began back at the beginning of may when Darth was picked up by NewInners
We will be able to help this on its way to Scotland, we have good contacts up there.

But then he went to London and France before gradually making his way back up through Yorkshire, slowly!

Then finally today…
Made a trip to the Bank today to deposit (haha!) Darth Raider – Approached the premises with stealth only to be caught with our hands on the safe!  After a bit of smooth talking and promises that no one would be hurt we managed to leave Darth Raider to enable him to carry out the bank job.  We wish him all the best on the rest of his mission.

Darth Raider Coin
Dropped OffNewInners 
placed Darth Raider in The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire)
He will have a shiny new coin attached and will be placed into the safe house soon.


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Bank Raid!!!!!

After a lull in action of 44 days for the Banks they had let down their guard!
The story began yesterday on Day 122…
Retrieve It from a Cachecrobba retrieved Drake Dastardly from Ivy’s gone a Caching!!
simply saying… Let’s take the bank!

but it seems the planning had begun a few days before…|
BOOM! Safe blown! When checking the caches in Bonnyrigg as working here this week I looked at this and thought crikey! Can grab drake dastardly on way up m6 and have just dropped him off at bank! Best cache ever!


Drake Dastardly Coin
Dropped Offcrobba
placed Drake Dastardly in The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh)
He will have a shiny new coin attached and will be placed into the safe house soon.

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Full Update- Day 79

It has all gone a bit quieter of late, so time for a full update of who is where…

Sams Getaway

Sam’s Getaway Car is in the hands of JRclan.
He has been a fair distance, visiting lots of caches, but has only yet made two actual moves and is further south than at the start!

Bilbo Burglar
Bilbo the bank burglar
is in the hands of Stevo185
Again, he has travelled extensively but only 4 moves and
has not yet left the East Midlands!

PumpkinSpire67’s Halloween Pumpkin  is in Old Steps.
Another wide traveller, having travelled much further North than he is now, although his 3 moves has taken him up into Yorkshire at least.

Ronnie The Robber is in the hands of JRclan.
He seems to be working closely with Sam’s Getaway Car (see above), which isn’t working out too well for them at the moment.

Doc McCoyCarter “Doc” McCoy does not seem to have even made it into his home cache!

Robber RobinRobber Robin is logged in The TARDIS – The Doctor’s Map of the World his home cache, but cachers report that he is not there!!

Pirate Pete is in the hands of sheeshkebab.
On his 2nd Bank Job he has been moving quite consistently north, through Yorkshire and into Northeast England, having been picked up 5 times so far.

Valerio Viccei- Bank Robber is in #2 Geohound Walk
On his 2nd Bank job after a year off last year. Unfortunately he has only made one move so far, south! He has been in an unfound
cache since March.

Robbie McThiefy is in Tal-y-Llyn Adventure [Gwynedd]
Although he has already won first prize, returning home within a few days, he has set off to try again! He must rob the other Bank this time, but seems to be resting up in Wales, first, having made two moves so far.

Bella TremblesBella “Frog Charmer” Trembles is in East Wickham Open Space #4
She is another one who has traveled extensively in the wrong directions. After 4 moves she is down in London.

FairyROBmotherFairyROBmother is in Newton by the Sea
She made a quick move up to Northeast England, but has then traveled around that area, even visiting south again briefly but only making only 3 moves so far.

Davy PiggDavy “The Blue Fox” Pigg is in Milton Brook Cache
He started in partnership with Bella Trembles, but she quickly dumped him and he hasn’t made it out of East Midlands, making only one move. Sadly the cache has been found with no mention of him.

Commisioner RodzCommissioner Rodz (retired) is in RoundAbout Hilton – Large
Having made arrests in the first Bank Job he has now joined the dark side! However he is rather big and so is still in his home cache!

Mad MaxMad Max the Wrestler is the hands of tele420
He joined a little late but has made a steady journey north and after 4 moves has come within spitting distance of The Bank, but now moved a bit further away. It can’t be long, though.

Darth RaiderDarth Raider is in the hands of Cheekybev
He made a quick move into Yorkshire, but has then made little progress with only one more move since. He now seems to be seeing the area.

Terrible TwoThe Terrible Two is in Birdie birdie cheep cheep!
They have been making a steady move North and after 4 moves they have visited Northwest England and are now in Northeast England.

Buster BanksBuster Banks is in the hands of Irish-Bubbles
Joining the raid for a second year he has made 3 moves and seems to be heading North with its current carrier.

Drake DastardlyDrake Dastardly – Robber Duck is in the hands of minimoos
He made a quick move North but has since been heading slowly south through Yorkshire. He has made 4 moves so far.

Janitor CoinThe Janitor is in Barrels Out Of Bond
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 37 and has since made one move, still hanging around Southern Scotland.

GromitGromit the Bank Robber is in the hands of Dangerous_Tree_Gang
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 39 but is also hanging around Southern Scotland having only made 2 further moves.


Shotgun StuShotgun Stu is in Stand by me
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 44 as part of The Midlands Three. Since then he has only made one move and is still hanging around Southern Scotland.

Grizzly RobberThe Grizzly’s Robber is in the hands of ewanross1
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 52 and then headed North, having made 2 moves into Northern Scotland.

TheDewdMysterTheDewdMyster is in The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh)
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 52 and due to The Banker’s holiday he is still there! Soon to be placed in the safe house.

Buster “The Punk” is in The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh)
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 79, which is today!!!
He will be moved to the safe house soon.

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Bank Raid!!!

After a false alarm last week it has finally happened. For the first time ever a robber made it to the safe house before The Bank! (see last post)

Buster Coin

Dropped OffTeamPossums
placed Buster “The Punk” in The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh)
He will have a shiny new coin attached and will return to the safe house soon.


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