With Thanks, and future plans…

Thank you to everyone that took part in The MEGA Bank Job 2014!! It took a lot longer than it has in previous years, some would say ‘dragged on’ in fact, but lots of people gave up time and energy to make it happen!!

The Bankers were fantastic. The Mega Bank caches take a lot more maintenance than normal caches and both Mark (Ayrshire) and Pat (Edinburgh) did it whilst also planning and running the wonderfully successful UK Mega Event!!
The Blog and The Map were kept up to date whilst I was away by Andy and Kim, thanks to you both.
The Prize Coins were kindly donated by EMcache, the local cache group in the East Midlands, using money from their fundraising, this year done by Gemma. Thanks.


Well, this time last year we had started the race so we have already missed that boat for this year! There have been various ideas batted around, like making it International putting The Bank in USA or Europe? Good ideas!

For me, I think The Bank Job is over. I have enjoyed running it these past three years, but it is time to move on to other ideas and other projects. It was an idea a few of us came up with on a geo-walk back in 2012. We mused… ‘Could a more complicated TB race work, where the TBs have to get there and back, with other TBs trying to catch them?’ Yes, is the answer!!

That said, though, the game has always been much bigger than me, and about much more than me! The creativity of he wider community cachers has made it fun. All the TBs started here in East Mids, but as a community here we encountered cachers all over the place! Reading all the logs as these bits of plastic went on adventures! From Rodz causing havoc in 2012 and creating a fantastic narrative to follow. To KASCAN this year masterminding an intricate police network from across an ocean!!

Lots of people have engaged in the game in various ways, and that has been great fun. So if someone else wanted to carry on with it and organise future games then I would be more than happy to pass everything over to them, and I would definitely enter my robber!!
Get in touch via the comments below.

I am now off to hand myself in at the local police station…

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2014 Police Round-Up

The Police were so much more active this year, thanks to PigsThatFly a new Police TB owner!


Police-51 on Patrol had a few close calls and also made the 2nd arrest, getting Robert the Robber on Day 57.

Alert-2Alert-2 on Patrol also made the first arrest, getting Elderly Rob, last year’s winner, on Day 47. He then quickly moved on arrest Freddie Le Fox on Day 57, making him the most successful police tb so far!

Police-19Police-19 worked a few stake-outs and finally on Day315 it landed for the arrest of Sams Getaway Car.

Chase-2Chase-2 on Patrol was joint most successful Police Travel Bug.  He started on Day 146 by arresting Valerio Viccei. He then took part in the arrest of Darth Raider on Day 182 at the Ayrshire Mega Event!

The Derby Bobby should have been patrolling the East Midlands but once again proved wholly ineffective!

Mega PoliceManMega PoliceMan was patrolling the area around the MEGA, but a few robbers slipped right under his nose!!

D.I.Chramm also proved ineffective, despite having wide ranging authorisation!

k9Sadly, K9 Unit did not show up for duty at all!!

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2014 Robbers Round-Up

OK, time to round off The Bank Job 2014 (which blended into 2015!!)

Only two robbers have not yet made it to either bank…

owned by fretdancerPirate Pete is still wandering around Scotland.Buster Banks

Buster Banks went South, but has made it back up to the East Midlands again!

There are six robbers still at large, having robbed the bank but not yet made it home…

Mad Max

Mad Max the Wrestler robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 167.
He then visited the Mega Event, then overshot to the South West where he was picked up in November. He remains in the hands of MoreOutdoor.

Grizzly RobberThe Grizzly’s Robber was successful robbing The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 52, but then wandered around, moving down to Yorkshire but not much further. Currently in the hands of Yakkaduncan.

Shotgun Stu

Shotgun Stu robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire)on Day 52.
He then wandered around Scotland before leaving the country for New Zealand. He remains there in the hands of Cookay2012.

Bilbo Coin

Bilbo the Bank Burglar robbed  The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 182. However he hasn’t been seen since!

Drake Dastardly CoinDrake Datardly robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 122. He wandered around the North West for a while but has not been seen since August.


Congratulations to the three medalists…
Mega Gold CoinRobbie McThiefyRobbie McThiefy – Gold

He robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 9.
He made it home on Day 19


Janitor CoinMega Silver Coin

The Janitor – Silver

He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 37.
He made it home on Day 262


Buster CoinBuster “The Punk” – BronzeMega Bronze Coin

He robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 79.


Sadly, of the other 18 to start the race 6 were arrested and 12 have gone missing.

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3rd place- Bronze!!!!

Well, after 386 days the third robber has made it home, bringing an end to The Bank Job 2014!!

The action has faded somewhat in the last few months, and I must say my interest has faded with it, but those little bits of plastic didn’t stop being picked up and moved on.

Just like the other two medalists Buster “The Punk” is a bit of a veteran having reached home 4th in 2013. He wasn’t placed in his home cache until Day 35, but was soon picked up and taken straight up to Scotland.

He then had a pretty close shave as he was picked up by a Czech cacher who thankfully realised that he wanted to stay in Scotland and passed him on to another cacher!

He robbed The Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 78. He then languished in Southern Scotland for months until being picked up and bought back down to the East Midlands.

Buster 3rd

Mega Bronze Coin

Congratulations to Muddy_Puddles and Buster “The Punk”

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Sams Getaway Car Arrested!!

Even this late in the game the police are tirelessly hunting down the criminals!!

It all started to go wrong on 6th December when…
Dropped Offaj_norwich placed it in Nightingale’s Perch in the Eastern England.

Just the day before, Police-19 on Patrol had set off south from the North East. Although originally headed for Milton Keynes it seems the pilot was hungry for an arrest. So…
Sams Getaway ArrestedDropped Offkeng-mk placed it to Nightingale’s Perch
After a covert mission to Farnham I am pleased to report that Sam Getaway Car has been apprehended!
Following the Farnham mission we refueled and headed for the Cambridge area where Sam had been last spotted.
We got there in time to apprehend the subject and take him into custody.

Sorry Sam- Out of the game!!

Sams Arrest

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2nd Robber makes it home!!!

It certainly seems like experience is key to this challenging Bank Job. In the past two years the game has been well finished by this point, but then this year it is Mega!! So it is no surprise that the winner is a third time robber, and so is the 2nd place!

The Janitor has made it home on Day 262.

In both of the previous two games he has been arrested! In 2012 he was the first to make it to The Bank, but was then arrested locally. Last year he didn’t even make it out of his home town before being arrested. So imagine the surprise when he robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on day Day 37, the second robber to rob a bank, and the first to rob that bank!

Janitor CoinThen, however, it all seemed to go wrong, it seemed at the time.
He set off on a tour of Scotland, with no sign of heading home. But then showed some hope by stopping of on the Isle of Arran, close to the site of the UK Mega event. Surely there will be loads of cachers passing through to bring him home? No. The cache he was placed in was not visited even once during the event!!

Then the cache was found, and the cacher reported no tb present!! What a shame.Mega Silver Coin

But then, mysteriously, he turned up in another cache in Southern Scotland- was this his experience paying off? It proved to be, because he comes in in second place, and receives the silver medal…

Still Bronze to play for. In the last update it was reported that The Dewdmyster was close to being home. Unfortunately he was picked up and taken well out of the area, so it is all to play for.

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Robber Update- Day 239 (part 2)

And for those trying, but mostly failing, to get home…
(Although one is in striking distance!!)

Sam's Getaway Car Coin

Sam’s Getaway Car is in Thacham FC
Having robbed The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 190 whilst everyone was over in Ayreshire at the Mega Event, he then took a long while to build up the confidence to leave the safe house. Then he overshot and is now in the South!

Bilbo CoinBilbo the bank burglar is in In The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire)
He found the right ride and after languishing on the East he zoomed up to Scotland to rob In The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 182. It seems he is still there… hmmm?…

Mad Max CoinMad Max the Wrestler is in the hands of Tiny Essence
After robbing The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 167 he stayed in the area, even visiting the Mega Event, which was risky since two police officers were there!! He then made a jump to the south west where he attended an event, and where he remains.

Drake Dastardly CoinDrake Dastardly is in the hands of twowithsticks ‘2WS’
After robbing The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 122 he has not moved too far, and is obviously resting up in the North East before heading home. Or maybe, after a month, he has been adopted?

 Buster “The Punk” is in Dalhousie,s Hidden Trail 1
After robbing The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 79 he staying in the area. People have found the cache since and not mentioned him, though.

TheDewdMysterTheDewdMyster is in Secret Garden
He is in striking distance, about 10 miles, of his Home Cache. Since robbing The MEGA Bank (Edinburgh) on Day 52 he has been touring Southern Scotland, only last week making a dash for home. He is a serious contender for the Silver Medal!!

Grizzly RobberThe Grizzly’s Robber is in the hands of ewanross1
Since robbing The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 52 he has toured Southern Scotland, but other than a slow move down to Yorkshire doesn’t seem too keen to get home!

Shotgun StuShotgun Stu is in Just pretend that your GPS is a Tricorder…
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 44 and ditched his fellow robbers to take a tour or Southern Scotland. He has made a slight jaunt south, but not far!!

GromitGromit the Bank Robber is in Felton Flight Path
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 39 and attempted a roundabout route home via France and the South Coast. It is not looking good as his current hide-out was raided and there is no sigh of him!!

Janitor CoinThe Janitor is in Cockburn’s Tomb
He robbed The MEGA Bank (Ayrshire) on Day 37 but then staying around the Mega sight seemingly unfound by any Mega attenders! However, he was then mysteriously discovered some distance away! No sign of heading home yet.

Valerio arrestedValerio Viccei- Bank Robber was Arrested.
Although he has made it home since!

Darth Raider BarsDarth Raider was arrested.
Just after making it to The Bank he visited the Mega Event where he met a policeman!

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