The Bank Job is a trackable game starting on April 1st 2012, for any emCache member to enter. If you are not already a member, and you are based in the East Midlands then register here.

The aim is for your trackable item to travel to The Bank (GCXXXX- tbc) and ‘steal’ a gold coin. Then return to the same cache it started from. The winner will be the first to do this.

There will also be Policemen sent out to catch your robbers. If your robber is ever in the same cache as a Policeman then it is out of the game. There will be one policeman sent out for every 5 entrants.

To Enter

You must send out a character (robber) with a trackable attached. There needs to be a chain or other undo-able attachment that the coin can be added to later. You will need to contact me (below) with your details, and then I will email you a label to print and attach to your tb. This will have the co-ordinates of The Bank, the cache it is heading to. You will start by placing your robber in your Home Cache, which must be in the East Midlands. This can be an existing cache or a new one you place for the purpose. Your tb will need to return here with the gold coin. When it arrives in The Bank, the CO will remove the label and attach a gold coin, and attach a new label with instructions to return it to your Home Cache.

Entries can be made at any time by emCache members, but if you live outside the area then you will need to send me your tb and I will attach the label and place it in your nominated home cache.

Email chramm with the following info:
Your GC username:
Your trackable name:                                                                    TB code:
Your ‘home cache’:                                                                        GC code:
Your email address:
Please also include a photo of your robber.

Additional Rules

You, your family or your close friends, cannot move your own player or one of the policemen.
If you retrieve another player then it must be moved on within a week, and must be obviously in line with the mission.

Please do not publish the co-ordinates of The Bank anywhere online, and do not pass it on to anyone asking for it.  The only way to find this cache is to retrieve a game piece.
Please also put on your tb page a request that others do not pass on the co-ordinates.

Although an arrested robber is out of the game it may not be possible to stop it continuing, however it will not be eligible to win the game.

Any disputes will be decided by me (chramm)- but come on, it’s just a game!

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