On The Move

Two days before The Bank is published and the official start of the game, five robbers have set off. Not all robbers have yet been placed into their home caches, but as we all know with tbs it all depends on who picks them up and where they are headed!

Here is a brief update so far…

kinkyduck discovered Peter the Pirate and then Trickles retrieved him!

mrspinkrat retrieved The Janitor and promised to take him to London next week.

Clipper247 retrieved The Handcuffed Amasons
Not sure how to treat this guy as one of us is closely involved with law enforcement!! He may have to be interrogated before release.

Norfolk12 retrieved Briar Hill Robber
Will drop off in the next few days- wont be in London, but pretty close 🙂

geojay79 retrieved The Hoover Bandit
Hoover bandit on his way to the next cache! Just caught him trying to steal from my piggy bank…..Yah Yah Yah!


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