Day 4

Still lots of movement happening, and not even all of the robbers in play yet!


Retrieve It from a Cachefirestars retrieved Ronald ‘Buster’ Robber

Dropped OffSaddlesore1000 placed Stan The Man in Twywell to Lowick

Retrieve It from a CacheAhby-Bells retrieved Ronnie The Robber
Ronnie seized his opportunity to escape from the cache he was in (in the snow!), leapt into our car & demanded to be taken further south…
Give us a week & we’ll find him a new hiding spot, within commuting distance of the The Smoke.

Dropped OffSmenus placed John Dillinger – Bank Robber in Our Imaginative Cache 1
This puts John Dillinger furthest south, and fourth closest to The Bank!

Retrieve It from a CacheGregsy68 retrieved Sams Getaway Van
Ronnie who was sharing this hide has made a break south so thought I’d get the get away van on route also. Good luck with the heist.

Retrieve It from a Cacheweeze1980 retrieved Baby Face Nelson
will move to new home soon try not to get in to trouble.

Retrieve It from a CacheTrickles retrieved Garth Vader
Seems like its our lucky week for crime control! Peter The Pirate is a grass and told us where to find this one.

Retrieve It from a Cachetomato grower retrieved Ronnie Piggs
Will move on later this week.

Dropped Offdave&niki retrieved Keith the Thief and then placed him in Trowell Services – M1 Motorway Mayhem

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