Day 5

We have had a few new entries in the last couple of days so there are now 25 robbers, which means there will be a fifth policeman needed! If anyone would like to release a policeman then get in touch.
They will be ready to release on 7th!

And still a bit of movement…

Dropped Offfirestars placed Ronald ‘Buster’ Robber in Motorway Mayhem M4 J11
Snuck in the back of a Lorry Heading to ‘Landan Tawn’ but fell asleep.
Woke up near Reading, and hopped out at Jct 11 of the M4, just a short drive away from the West End. Im getting closer to the Bank. I can smell money in the air.
Maintaining his lead Ronald is now even closer to The Bank!

Retrieve It from a Cachecoopernet retrieved Clint PobSlug the kid
Will try and move southwards later this week.

Retrieve It from a CacheSagetheowl retrieved Lincolnshire Poacher
Will move on ASAP

Retrieve It from a CacheHarbcache retrieved Stan The Man
Picked up today. Hope to help you on your travels…

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