Bank Raid!!!!!!!!

At 0226hrs The Bank was robbed! It was a dramatic scene, Clipper247, an eyewitness reports…

“FTF at 0226 hours, 8/4.
Was in Lincoln last week to pick my boys up who were coming down to spend some time with me in Portsmouth, and while I was there I picked up a cache belonging to the Amasons and found one of the EM Cache TB’s there.
My plan was to drop it in a TB hotel on the A3 near where I work, but after having a look on the map, I realised I could take this all the way.
Finished work in Guildford at 0100 hours and after fetching my car, made my way up to London (still can’t get used to London being north, and I have been here for a year now!)
Found a suitable parking place and walked in the dark to GZ, having left my torch in the car, so the way was lit only by a cheap letting torch.
Arrived at GZ and started to search, nearly slipping several times, but managed to keep my footing and found it!
Signed the blank log book and placed the robber into the bank – feel a bit dodgy about helping to rob a bank given my job 🙂
Now to head back to Pompey an get some sleep!
Have taken a couple of photos which I will upload later when I get home – will have to edit this as well to get the correct date no doubt!
Good luck to all the other robbers!

Dropped OffClipper247 placed The Handcuffed Amasons in The Bank
They get a gold coin, and change mission to get back to their home cache!

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2 Responses to Bank Raid!!!!!!!!

  1. Pete Mason (The Amasons) says:

    Thanks Clipper247, you’re a worthy accomplice.

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