Bank Raid!!!!!

Yet again The Bank was robbed! mrspinkrat were eye-witnesses and they report…

Well, what can we say about The Bank?!! Lots actually. We were privileged enough to have gained inside info on the whereabouts of this stronghold thanks to a robber we’d sprung on a FTF visit to a Safe House up in the wilds of Derbyshire. As we’d planned a jaunt to the Smoke for Easter, we decided to give this loveable rogue a lift in the right direction. As the rain fell on Kew, having stopped only briefly to visit Sven and some others, we thought we knew where the Bank was. However, we’d not counted on a GPS which initially refused to position us globally. All four of us tried everything…for ages…but to no avail. Would a brief query to the manager of the Bank be appropriate? we wondered. Probably not. Then mrspinkrat managed to get us close to where GZ should be. Still we searched with no success. Would we have travelled all these miles in vain???! Then…just as mrpinkrat disappeared in completely the wrong direction…the shout went up! We’re in…geodaughter had pulled off a great great find and we’d breached the Bank. We left the Janitor to complete his wicked plot but have to admit to helping ourselves to a 50 pound note for our trouble. Our five year old geoson made us do it, honest guv! Thanks so much for all this…it was a real blast, and we only hope we played a useful part in what may become known as the Crime of the Century. A favourite is yours!

Dropped Offmrspinkrat placed The Janitor in The Bank
He gets a gold coin, and change of mission to get back to his home.

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