Day 10…

Another day, another bank raid; and by another robber slipping into London unnoticed- it could be anyone next!! As is expected there has been a fair bit of caching over the bank holiday and so lots of the robbers that have been picked up have been dropped- with one retrieval!

Robbers News…

Dropped OffGregsy68 placed Sams Getaway Van in Highfield 3 – Biology

Dropped Offgeojay79 placed The Hoover Bandit in Fir Get me Not
This is the first robber to make it back to its Home Cache!! Sadly it has not yet been to The Bank so he doesn’t win. It seems the newbie geocacher was overwhelmed by the responsibility so just put him back!

Dropped OffBorder Caz placed B J the Bank Bandit  in HH08 Walk This Way

Dropped OffThe Banker placed The Handcuffed Amasons in Have a pew in Kew

Dropped OffNorfolk12 placed Briar Hill Robber in Stowe: Wot No Biscuits
and then immediatley Retrieve It from a Cachezensunni retrieved him.
I’ll drop this off soon

Retrieve It from a CacheLendu retrieved Robbie McThiefy
Let’s see if I can help this little thief towards his destination.
(This has only just been logged so there is a chance they continued across London and will drop him any moment now!? We will see…)

Police news…

Discovered It ambly99 discovered The Derby Bobby
Loved the idea behind this game. Left the policeman on guard as sadly I couldn’t help him find the robbers. (So no momvement today!)

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