Bank Raid- in two ways!!!!

Both in the appropriate game sense, and in breach of the game, The Bank has been busted today, possibly in a co-mission.  First the non-game finder, rodz, logged…

11/04/2012 11:10:00 (Find no=10171)
How come there is never a robber around when you need one! DCI Rodz decided to work his CI network. After a short pumping, one ratted and gave up the goods. Please don’t ask me for the informants, I won’t give them to you! After all they are confidential! No doubt there will be three robbers along shortly. But that bank is well and truly busted. Good job. Thanks.

rodz is a well respected London cacher, so The Banker was not suprised that he is the first to breach the tight security- well done rodz!!  Thankfully, the game is not jeapodised, but if anyone has any information on who supplied the information then get in touch so The Bank Job Mafia can go and sort him out!!

Then the legitimate robbery occured. As predicted last night, Lendu was an eye-witness…

Unlike Rodz, I had no intention to visit this cache. Until yesterday, when I picked up one of the robbers from Dalston. Such a good idea for a TB race that I just had to jump on my motorbike after work and ride to the GZ. After bit of faffing about to find parking it was a quick walk to the cache. And a quick find. Took nothing, left a TB (obviously)! TFTC!

Dropped OffLendu placed Robbie McThiefy in The Bank
He gets a gold coin, and change of mission to get back to his home.

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