Janitor Arrested!

After the highs of the Bank Holiday Robberies the police have been quick to react and the first arrest has been made. This afternoon, The Janitor was arrested by The London Bobby in Morgana’s Secret, close to Twickenham.

rodz seems to have been involved in the events…

Following from Chief Superintendent Rodz’s informal chat with DI Chramm who gave up his CI, a joint task force operation was set up and along with the London Bobby in tow The Janitor was apprehended and stripped of his loot.

It looked as though The London Bobby was on the scent of the other robbers, but it seems they escaped- just.

Dropped Offrodz placed The Janitor in Morgana’s Secret
so he is now out of the game!!


Retrieve It from a Cacherodz retrieved The London Bobby then but then…
The London Bobby is going on a secret undercover operation under the ever watchful eye of Chief Superintendent Rodz. So deep that it be as though he is Missing! Then…
Mark Missingrodz marked him as missing!

Retrieve It from a Cacherodz retrieved The Handcuffed Amasons
Luckily the London Bobby has gone so far undercover that has had to leave his warrant card at Ealing Police station and could not make any arrests.

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