Day 14…

Well I have left doing this update till late because I was expecting lots of movement today, but so far none. Maybe people are still out, or they are leaving their logging till tomorrow morning?  There has been a bit more movement over the last couple of days, though and we have updated the rules slightly.

Robbers’ news…

Dropped OffAshby-Bells placed Ronnie The Robber in A34 travel bug hotel
Good luck in your mission Robbie!

The London Drama continues…

Dropped Offrodz placed The Handcuffed Amasons in Flonopoly Cache 27 – Jail
What better place for a robber to hide till the heat dies down and the undercover London Bobby resurfaces. (This cache is archived, so it is not clear whether the tb is actually in it or not. Either way it seems that rodz has a soft spot for The Amasons and is protecting them.)

Commisioner Rodz

There also seems to be a rogue Policeman on the streets too!
Commissioner Rodz has the self styled mission…
“To strike fear into the heart of every robber crossing into the Metropolitan Police Service’s turf and to …er…cause drama. As such a senior officer, he will directing all his powers to ensure any further heists feel the full force of the law but he will not be arresting anyone himself.

We will keep track of him too!

This coded message was left on his log page!

Police News..

Retrieve It from a CacheHAM6CHD retrieved The Derby Bobby
Will move him on appropriately.

Rule Change

Not so much a change as an addition, because we noticed a possible disruption!
See additional paragraph here…

Only the first drop of a policeman will count. He must them be retrieved by another cacher and moved on. So one cacher cannot keep hold of a policeman and just drop in multiple caches arresting multiple robbers!

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