Day 14…

The sunshine has enticed a few cachers out, resulting in a bit of movement…

Robber News…

Dropped OffHarbcache placed Stan The Man in The Little ‘D’ #1
(It seems this chap has travelled around a lot, and at times moved closer to London.  Now however, it has moved a litle further away! A bit close to the M1 so maybe that will help?)

Dropped Offfamilyfud placed The Hoover Bandit in Cooks Lane
and was then immediately Retrieve It from a CacheThe Ash Cloud retrieved him.
I have watched “The Bank Job” and me as well as my family think it is a really good gameshow (not the best, but still really good). Hopefully will help this poor little guy become not-so-poor! (I look forward to future informnative logs from this cacher!)

Dropped OffTrickles placed Garth Vader in BANANA45’s BIG BIRTHDAY CACHE
and Peter the Pirate in Thurgarton Priory

Dropped OffThe Banker placed Robbie McThiefy in Have a pew in Kew
Robbie is on his getaway towards Derby, avoiding the feds and vigilantes on the way!!!

Write noteSpire67(owner) marked John Dillinger – Bank Robber as missing.

Write noterodz posted a note for The Handcuffed Amasons
The robber pops out to see if the coast is clear Maybe just a little longer…..

Police News…

Apparently there is report of a Policeman’s Ball over the weekend in the Ealing area. Commisioner Rodz’s boss had strong words to say to him…
“Commissioner Rodz! This is your boss!!! Report to duty! What are you doing still lounging around in Ealing while bank robbers are trying to escape from Kew?! And what on earth have you done with your colleague The London Bobby? You were both seen escaping into the night after the Policeman’s Ball and no one has heard anything from either of you since. This is no way to behave! Shape up!!!

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