Day 18…

Claim’s of GC account hacking going on in the Met. Police, and a bit of other movement too.

Robbers News…

Retrieve It from a CacheSmiglet retrieved Ronnie The Robber
and then, as promised the next day Dropped Offplaced him in Motorway Mayhem , Fleet Services North.
Got him a bit closer to London! 🙂

Dropped Offzensunni placed Briar Hill Robber in Holmer Green – Stump
where very soon Retrieve It from a Cachebones1 retrieved him.
What a surprise to find this in here,what luck, i will investigate this soon. jeff=bones1.

Retrieve It from a CacheCom. Rodz’s Boss retrieved The Handcuffed Amasons
Ah, there you are young ruffian. Come along with me and help me with my inquiries and we’ll see if we can find that London Bobby together as Commissioner rodz seems over worked on the Munzee Easter Egg case and other robbers planning heists on The Bank. I’ll spare the cuffs if you come quietly….
(It is not clear who this is, but I think this could be a double bluff rescue attempt by a dodgy copper?)

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