London Drama…

Things continue to be turbulent in The City…

Dropped OffCom. Rodz’s Boss placed The Handcuffed Amasons in The Borehamwood Travel Bug & Coin Hotel
Following a detailed interview of the robber, it was a joint decision of Commissioner Rodz and his Boss that no further action would be taken although they would still be continuing their inquiries. Commissioner Rodz escorted the thief out of London and suggested in no uncertain terms that he was not welcome in the capital and would face the consequences if he returned. Additionally as he could not provide any proof of ownership of the Gold, it would be held in Police storage until such time as The Banker could provide the afore mentioned evidence. Commissioner Rodz further hoped that the robber’s Underworld Bosses were as understanding as the Police had been when he returned without his loot.

Discovered It Com. Rodz’s Boss discovered Robbie McThiefy
In a chance night time encounter in a dark alley, Commissioner Rodz confronts Robbie the McThiefy. Whilst the Police continue to gather evidence on the latest heist, Rodz warns a robber again in no uncertain terms to leave the Capital or to face arrest for carrying an offensive weapon. Additionally if Roberto doesn’t leave the area of The Bank before the end of the weekend, then he would be arrested and face charges of vagrancy leading to the confiscation of his Gold, in a repeat reminiscent of yesterday’s haul from the Cuffs. This is your last and final warning. It maybe that extradition to Finland maybe have not been a bad option after all…..

Commissioner Rodz
lost control of his Police Motorcycle in treacherous conditions whilst chasing what he suspects to be Samantha’s Escape vehicle in a foiled attempt on The Bank. Rodz, unhurt and waving his fist at the fleeing van, vowed to fight on.

Grab It (Not from a Cache) Geogarley grabbed The London Bobby from The Bank!
He appeared to be sleeping off his hangover in the bank, having already helped himself to some loot. Guessed he has been led astray by that rodz character! Decided his “punishment” would be to move ‘im along! Not sure where he will now resume his career!

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