Day 22…

Two failed raid attempts and quite a bit of other movement, this might be one of the biggest updates! It is great that so many people are really entering into the spirit of the game; helping out and also leaving detailed logs!!

Robber News…

VisitedBorderCas took B J the Bank Bandit to Kent Cachers Meet 31 -The Break Out @ The Old Jail, Biggin Hill, KENT.
(He was discovered by numerous people at this appropriately named event- but as yet no-one seems to have helped him in his mission!)

Dropped Offbones1 placed Briar Hill Robber in Heathrow TB Hotel

Retrieve It from a Cachebones1 retrieved Robbie McThiefy
07.20am.what a surprise to find another bank job travel bug in here i am on a roll with these today. i will put it behind bars soon, jeff=bones1.
(This sounds ominous- I wonder what he means?)

Retrieve It from a Cachecoopernet retrieved Garth Vader
Interestingly this is the second bank robber we have found so we have been checking the website occasionally to see how the race is going. We passed the first robber to a fellow cacher to take south and were going to leave this one for somebody else. We then decided that as some robbers have already raided the bank are on their way home and as this cache is fairly rural and we were the first visitors for a week we would try and get him moving in the right direction. Although we haven’t got any plans to go to down south we should be able to get the TB closer to the M1 later in the week.
(Isn’t it great how cachers are wanting to help these criminals!)

Police News…

Dropped OffGeogarley placed The London Bobby in The Quest for Curly’s Treasure

Dropped Offscmeparsons placed K9 unit in Motorway Mayhem M1 Junction 29
          and then Retrieve It from a CacheToshack61 retrieved him.

Dropped OffBigspen & Jac placed D.I.Chramm in Sit a Bit

The Bank News…

Found it RodS01 found The Bank
Ronnie did a mad dash from Hampshire to get his job done so he could start heading home. Loot safely in hand! [}:)] He’s now trying to avoid the rozzers and get back to the East Midlands with the moula! [:D]
(Although RodS01 found The Bank and was carrying Ronnie The Robber at the time, he was not dropped in the cache and left to receive his gold coin and new mission label. So this does not count as a successful raid! The cacher has been contacted and has said that they will return to finish the job!)

Write noteElectric Sparrow posted a note for Ronald ‘Buster’ Robber
Not in cache as listed boo hoo hoo
(Not a good sign for Ronald, but also not good for Electric Sparrow who is keen to find The Bank!..)
Didn't find itElectric Sparrow couldn’t find The Bank
After making a special diversion in my journey to London to “meet up” with a robber I was bitterly disappointed when he didn’t show at the specified co-ordinates we had looked into together. For days we have been, what I thought was, singing off of the same hymn sheet of where to meet. So in filthy weather I pulled over into a lay-by – in between here & there you know how it is. I came with my mum to London so chose to drive her car down to keep any rego’s untraceable to my contacts in case his people were worried about me being followed by the fuzz. I wore the blue spotted neckerchief in my hair so he would be sweet that it was me, but still with all these measures he was a gonner when I showed at GZ. Something must have spooked him in the days or hours before I got there.
We still enjoyed a family birthday meal, cache setting, breakfast, walk, caching & lunch but the robber left somewhat of a bitter taste in my mouth with this behaviour, just who can you trust these days?
I might be interested in helping other robbers get along from Gloucestershire to The Bank but they will need to put much more effort into getting to me now I’ve had my fingers burnt…
TFT(Chance) Enjoy the game…. ES
(Thanks for entering to the fun with such a great log!)

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One Response to Day 22…

  1. Mr Stadskasheuren says:

    News of the bank robbery has now reach all the way to Sweden. Exciting game and of course I support this totally legal illegal event. I will follow the ongoing game from Gothenburg – and if any of the participants, be they on the legal or unlegal side, they will be chased, you bet and are hereby warned!

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