Wormwood Scrubs Prison…

…is the name of a ‘new’ cache. It is not yet published and until it is there is no certainty that it even exists! The reason it has come to our attention is because three robbers have been sent there.


Retrieve It from a Cacherodz retrieved Sams Getaway Van, Ronald ‘Buster’ Robber and Briar Hill Robber
In a series of coordinated dawn raids,
supported by India99, three robbers suspected of involvement in the heists of The Bank in West London found themselves waking up to the sound of tuppaware being smashed in. Commissioner rodz was quoted several days earlier to have said that three robbers would be along shortly. Due to extensive undercover work this had been made true.
(This picture also shows Robbie McThiefy and Robbie the Robber, but it is possible that they have escaped?)

Then today…

Dropped Offrodz placed Sams Getaway Van, Ronald ‘Buster’ Robber and Briar Hill Robber in Wormwood Scrubs Prison
(Commissioner Rodz was also placed in here, but since he is not an official player, these robbers are NOT arrested!)

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10 Responses to Wormwood Scrubs Prison…

  1. LucretiaUK says:

    Wormwood Scrubs still isn’t published after two days. What’s going on here?

    • chramm says:

      Well, it took 7 days for us to get The Bank published! And until it is, we think it is probably not a real cache.
      But that means an arrest is not possible- that can only happen in a real cache!

  2. Agree with you Lucretia. Anyway, where is the evidence? Ronald was on his way to a Fancy Dress party. See Little Sparrows log. Can’t charge without proof.

  3. BW says:

    How are we supposed to find a cache that isn’t published?

    • BW says:

      I recently noticed that 3 of the robbers were in this cache and I went to retrieve the London bobby from Curleys Quest and it had been moved….to Wormwood Scrubs….Is this playing in the spirit of the game, I mean how are we supposed to find this Cache?

      • chramm says:

        As far as we can tell it is waiting to be published, Beekeeper seems to only puclish every few days, so if your submission needs ammending then it takes another few days.
        ‘The Spirit of The Game’ is a debatable thing! He is certainly not intending on causing trouble, and is just having some fun, and to start with it was fun for us too! I know some have grown weary of it now, and so he has said that he will stop after this.
        What ‘this’ is, we are yet to find out. My thoughts are that it will be a Puzzle Cache. At least then we can help locals solve it and get them rescued!!! Which might be fun.

      • chramm says:

        Are you a London cacher, or one of the robber owners? Different names on here make it difficult to identify people.

  4. BW says:

    Hi thanks for the reply – no not a robber owner but live in Richmond near the Bank! (If I can find it!)

    • chramm says:

      That is great! If it is a puzzle cache then maybe you are the person for us to contact and help to solve it (if you need it) to get them out!!!

      • BW says:

        LOL – sure no problem my profile name is oldskoolflash, i’m quite new to this but it’s great fun – love the daily updates 🙂

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