Day 32…

It is harder to work out what number day it is now that it is not just the same as the date!! Oh well, we struggle on. And some of the tbs have been struggling on too…

Robber News

Write noteRozkickarse posted a note for The Handcuffed Amasons
Left in Borehamwood travel bug hotel (no explanation why they didn’t move them on?)

Retrieve It from a CacheDan1983 retrieved Garth Vader
Picked Mr Garth up today. I will be in London in a couple of weeks so I will drop him off at the bank.

Retrieve It from a CacheMisty and Minou retrieved Ronnie The Robber
Grabbed this, hopefully I’ll be able to move him closer to his home cache – well at least out of London and in the right direction

Discovered It Hainzee discovered “Bankjob” Bernie
Just found this in the kids bag – they must have grabbed it when we visited its starting point! Have helped it on its way!!!(Bernie had been marked missing on 18/4 after disappearing from his Home Cache!- so good news, although no indication of how he has been helped on his way?)
but then…
Grab It (Not from a Cache)Gabbagirl grabbed him and Dropped Offplaced him in Euston station, Entrance lodge

Retrieve It from a CacheHudsonHouse retrieved Keith the Thief
Found on a lovely bridge on a sunny May evening. Will help it on its way to London.
and then Dropped Offplaced him in Tardis Mini
Made it to London 🙂

Police News

Dropped Offstuwntez placed D.I.Chramm in TLC – Thorpe 10
(This may or may not be within striking distance of one of the robbers up there, it depends where they land!?)

The End of the London Drama, or is it?

In another unfortunate series of events(although robbers may not be of the same opinion), Commissioner Rodz was involved in a helicopter crash. India99 was hot on the heels of The Banker when it came down in poor weather. Commissioner Rodz sustained only minor injuries and walked from the crash site. He has decided to take early retirement as the strain of the current workload has become too and plans spend some time on his newly acquired yacht in the Med.

Didn't find itJamieRR couldn’t find MILES is for how far you have travelled(challenge)
Miles??? More like Mugged!!! Having all the required pre-info I went for this, but failed dismally. Looks like it really is 5-star terrain, maybe when the weather gets warmer….

but then…
Found itJamieRR found MILES is for how far you have travelled(challenge)
FTF! 1st May 2012 at 9:15pm.

Retrieve It from a CacheJamieRR retrieved The London Bobby
The Bobby is out and about, better watch out you Robbers!!! 3 TBs left in situ.
(Does he realise that The London Bobby is still decommissioned?)

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One Response to Day 32…

  1. Mr Stadskasheuren says:

    News of the bank robbery has now reach all the way to Sweden. Exciting game and of course I support this totally legally illegal event. I will follow the ongoing game from Gothenburg – and if any of the participants, be they on the legal or unlegal side, they will be chased, you bet!

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