Day 34…

A full update will follow shortly but I wanted to make not of these few recent moves.

Robbers News

Retrieve It from a CacheSpooney15 retrieved “Bankjob” Bernie
will move him on again soon
(after appearing lost he is now close to robbing The Bank!)

Dropped OffSagetheowl placed Lincolnshire Poacher in A46 Fly-Over

Grab It (Not from a Cache)Dotty_Loves_You grabbed Baby Face Nelson
Haha I only watched ‘O brother, where art thou?’ last night! How bizarre!
(Still not visited another cache since his Home Cache, but will hopefully now move on)

Retrieve It from a CacheSATNAV16&STUMPY retrieved Valerio Viccei – Bank Robber
I travel the country so I will try and place closer to London nice tb

Retrieve It from a Cachesusiebear&co retrieved Keith the Thief
Only just remember I had grabbed this. The cache was so small, I forgot I had picked-up a TB!  Good job too, as I’m heading back to Norfolk this afternoon, and that would not have been good!  I’ll be doing some more caches later today, so hope to drop it off in one!

Robber News

Dropped OffJamieRR placed The London Bobby in Leg o’Mutton North
(At this stage he is still on holiday, recovering from the emotional stress of corruption charges that he was cleared of. He will be back on duty soon.)

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