The Bank Job International

News of our exciting game has reached the continent! Stadskasheuren is a Swedish cacher who read about The Bank Job on a Swedish forum and got in touch…

I got a posting through a thread at the forum of the swedish, the thread    being started by me on the topic of interactive TBs. I have this idea that tbs are a bit more fun for the owners than for the poor cacher doing all the work so to speak. A few examples on interactive tbs came up and I have tried to add a few more.
I have a little book “Berättareboken” (unfortunately only in Swedish) where all cacher logging the tb can add a sentence or two to an ongoing story. It works, I am glad to say, even though the story telling is not a very fast one!
I also started a TB game where loggers of the participating tbs can add an O or X to a game of noughts and crosses. (here)

But then the thread gave a hint on your bank robbing game! Excellent idea! And its up and running and with lots of speed and lots of participants. Fun!
It does seem like the game has come along a bit and joining in now seems a little late but if you do another game when this one is ower I might be interested in giving it a go. Since I live in Gothenburg I’d have to rely on a little help I assume but I understood you could do that for me.
I will be following the game anyway to see what happens.
I did actually get an idea from your game, not so much the game part but the “get you tb somewhere and I will attach a treasure to it” piece. Hm…I’ll give that some thought.

So, if you restart and wouldn’t mind a Swedish participant please give me a shout.

I suppose that means we will have to do another one! Maybe even an International one?

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