Day 38…

As you might expect there has been plenty of movement over the bank holiday weekend. I was at a wedding yesterday so I returned this evening to a full inbox!

Robber News

Dropped Offsusiebear&co placed Keith the Thief in Panoptic

Dropped OffDotty_Loves_You placed Baby Face Nelson in Bye Bye Birdie

Retrieve It from a CacheCaptainwilly retrieved Lincolnshire Poacher

Robbers on the way home…

Retrieve It from a CacheJamieRR retrieved The Handcuffed Amasons
then… placed them in Leg o’Mutton South
Tee hee! Oh dear, a robber found himself all the way back here.
(Sadly it appears that JamieRR has been mean)

Retrieve It from a CachePigsy24 retrieved Robbie McThiefy
Found while caching with quicksilver34. Will take it to the NW ASAP.

Police News

Dropped OffToshack61 placed K9 unit in Dronfield stroll 9
then  Retrieve It from a Cachejpdenison retrieved him.
will move on soon

Retrieve It from a Cachenottins retrieved D.I.Chramm
Will move on shortly.

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One Response to Day 38…

  1. Clipper247 says:

    JamieRR is a friend of Rodz i think, so doing this just to be awkward – shame some people have to try and ruin things.

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