Day 40…

Not so much movement after a busy weekend, and in hindsight it looks like JamieRR thought himself to be another rodz, however he was less imaginative and in the end just vindictive as he moved The Amasons back near The Bank. We have had another mysterious event though as a robber we thought missing is discovered…

Robber News


Grab It (Not from a Cache)bluestu grabbed “Bankjob” Bernie
Stolen away while no-one was watching, chief. Everyone knows the rozzers are onto us, but we’ll lie low a day or so and move on. Cushty.

Retrieve It from a CacheUntouchable_savior retrieved Ronnie Piggs
Sorry but this Crook has a different agenda now!!
(Ronnie had not been seen for a few weeks, and was presumed missing. However it seems he was collected, although this cacher has not logged the cache he was in as a find, and does not have many finds to his name. What does his message mean? Hopefully he is not going to divert him.)

Dropped Off The Banker placed Ronald ‘Buster’ Robber  in Have a pew in Kew
and Briar Hill Robber in Rugby Club Caches – London Scottish RFC
and Sams Getaway Van in Kew Porkies  (They are all now on their way home)

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