We have a winner.
(I wish I had planned ahead and worked out how to add fireworks to the page!?)

Well it seems the last week or so was indeed the calm before the storm. It has been a tense last couple of hours since we heard that The Handcuffed Amasons had been retrieved and were on the way home. But then at 18:51 our tension was relieved with the following log…

Dropped OffClipper247 placed The Handcuffed Amasons in Bye Bye Birdie
And here we are sir, would you like a hand carrying that gold ? No? Ok then, enjoy your trip to the costa del sol!

Congratulations to The Amasons. The first to reach The Bank, but it has then taken them a long time to make it home, but it doesn’t matter how long it too- they did it first!!!

There is a winner’s coin being arranged, details to follow, and there will also be a 2nd and 3rd prize so still something for the other robbers to play for…

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2 Responses to Winner!!!

  1. Clipper247 says:

    If the guy had not moved the TB back to near the bank, I wouldn’t have got it, as it was too far away. However, his spoiling tactic didn’t work, as I was coming back to Lincoln for a day, and it was now easy to grab!
    I don’t know whether it was him or a noobie cacher that put it in the wrong cache, but luckily it was only a short walk between the 2.

    I just want to make sure people are aware that I have never met the Amasons in person – it just fell right for me (and them) with my travelling between home darn saarf and Lincoln.

  2. Pete Mason says:

    Obviously I’m delighted that we won but without Clipper247 we’d probably still be in Lincoln. Thanks to Chramm and geogibsons and everyone else involved in the game. It was very enjoyable.

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