The Handcuffed Amasons…

The Handcuffed Amasons

It was a spectacular journey right from the start.  The Handcuffed Amasons started out as one half of a pair of earrings before developing ambitions for bank robbery.

The Bank was published on 1st April, and so the robbers needed to be released before that, so The Hancuffed Amasons were released on 29th March into their Home Cache: Bye Bye Birdie.

That same day it was retrieved by Clipper247 with a promise…
Will drop off in the next few days – wont be in London, but pretty close 🙂

The Amasons must have been pretty please with that, but must have been overjoyed when, on 8th April, they saw what actually happened…

FTF at 0226 hours, 8/4.
My plan was to drop it in a TB hotel on the A3 near where I work, but after having a look on the map, I realised I could take this all the way.
Finished work in Guildford at 0100 hours and after fetching my car, made my way up to London (still can’t get used to London being north, and I have been here for a year now!)
Found a suitable parking place and walked in the dark to GZ, having left my torch in the car, so the way was lit only by a cheap letting torch.
Arrived at GZ and started to search, nearly slipping several times, but managed to keep my footing and found it!
Signed the blank log book and placed the robber into the bank – feel a bit dodgy about helping to rob a bank given my job 🙂 Now to head back to Pompey an get some sleep! TFTC

Not only FTF for the cacher, but the first robber to reach the Bank, after only seven days! We had no idea how long it would take for a robber to reach The Bank, but after having tbs in races that have taken months to get anywhere we were not expecting it to be this quick!

They then had a brief meeting with another robber, The Janitor, before being set off to get home from Have a pew in Kew.

This was all going swimmingly, until 12th April when rodz got involved. A London cacher, who was determined to get involved in such a brilliant game, took The Handcuffed Amasons as a hostage. He had already dropped The London Bobby on The Janitor, so there was never any danger of arrest for them, but no-one was sure what would happen!


We got glimpses of them, so we knew they were safe, but wasn’t until 18th April that they were released and once again started thier journey home from The Borehamwood Travel Bug & Coin Hotel. Well out of London and safe from any police, and there they stayed for 8 days.

Then on 7th May JamieRR decided that he wanted a bit of the action too, so went to get them, only to bring them back to London: Leg o’Mutton South
A simple mistake maybe? His log suggests not: ‘Tee Hee’

The owners started to lose heart, and had given up hope of getting home at all as they sat in Leg o’Mutton for about 15 days. A number of other robbers has made it to The Bank by now, so these detours could have given them the opportunity to over-take. What we didn’t know was that during that time someone had moved them to Leg o’Mutton North, and it seems that Clipper247 was following the progress, and he was not going to let his hard work go to waste.

On 22nd May, Clipper247 headed for Leg o’Mutton South, and thankfully had the nouse to look further when they were not in there, and found them in their new position!
What’s that, you want a lift to Lincoln?  Lucky, I am heading that way now – hop in!

Clipper247 posted on the emCache forum that he was headed up to Lincoln, but we had no idea when. Then the log came through that they had stopped at Motorway Mayhem A1M J17, it looked like they were headed there now!!

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