Day 56…

There is the inevitable anti-climax after the winning rush home by The Amasons, but the game continues, at least until we have a second and third place!

Robber News…

Sad news to start with,
Write noteWent by to check on robber after last night’s heads up that he wasn’t there… he is unfortunately missing. The log has been signed by a Marc+Alex on 13/5/12 though and that’s in between me dropping it and yesterday’s visit so hopefully they have it and just haven’t logged it yet….   (We await a log from Marc + Alex…)

Retrieve It from a CacheClipper247 retrieved Baby Face Nelson
Come with me young man, let’s go Saaaarf
then…  Dropped Offplaced Baby Face Nelson in Holly Everywhere

Retrieve It from a Cachedan277 retrieved Sams Getaway Van
Picked up will move on soon.

Retrieve It from a CacheDirtycash retrieved Briar Hill Robber from Rugby Club Caches – London Scottish RFC
Will be placed in St Albans – great little bug!

Dropped OffCaptainwilly placed Lincolnshire Poacher in GeoWoodstock X
This is the first robber to leave the country! He is now in USA. It is unclear whether he is just visiting this event, and will return, or whether he will be passed on to another cacher and enjoyed a trip around his new country!?

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One Response to Day 56…

  1. LucretiaUK says:

    Briar Hill Robber has indeed been moves to Secret Spinney #2 in St.Albans, which is where I grew up )

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