Day 58…

Despite having a winner, we are still looking for 2nd and 3rd place. Not surprisingly the summer weather has bought out all the cachers and therefore there has been plenty of movement.

Robber News

Dropped OffTrevorsilk placed Peter the Pirate in Motorway Madness: M1 J26
Onwards to London quickly

Retrieve It from a CacheLankyrighty34 retrieved Lincolnshire Poacher
Got from GWX  (Still in USA)

Dropped OffDirtycash placed Briar Hill Robber in Secret Spinney #2
(In St. Albans as promised)

Retrieve It from a Cachelimehouselink retrieved Baby Face Nelson from Holly Everywhere
Great find!!!!!

Retrieve It from a CacheAlqunas retrieved Valerio Viccei – Bank Robber from Blythe services TB hotel
found at blyth services will drop off further down a1 soon.
then Dropped Offplaced him in Sedgebrook Coin Exchange A1/A52

Dropped OffBaCas placed B J the Bank Bandit in Essex Camping Event 2012
(Another day, another event!)

Police News

Retrieve It from a Cachemarieandgary retrieved K9 unit
an emcache game. that’s a new one on me
better come with me then

Dropped OffHAM6CHD placed The Derby Bobby in DVMWHS: Tow Path Treasure


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