Day 61…

The race continues, slowly!

Robber News

Retrieve It from a CacheThe Creepy Crawlies retrieved B J the Bank Bandit
Given to me by my good friends, Bacas, and will move him on.

Write noteKeith the Thief has had a facelift…
OK, so this Lego dude has rocked up on my doorstep. He’s claiming his name is Keith and he wants to be reunited with his TB tag. I think he’s more interested in the gold attached to it if I’m honest. He looks different though, and kinda angry. He also can’t quote the TB number, he just keeps shrugging his stiff shoulders and scratching his stubbly chin, sometimes with his blue left hand, sometimes with his white right hand. Strange, very strange. He’s wearing glasses too, I can’t get them off, I tried to retina scan him when he was preoccupied, but it didn’t work. He’d better watch it, the London Bobby has just reappeared out of hiding too by the looks of it, he doesn’t suffer fools (or imposters) gladly. I’m going to run some tests on “Keith” overnight and think about what to do…..
(Although the tb arrived at The Bank it was without Keith himself! So in good soap opera fashion, the actor playing Keith has been changed and he will continue the race home with a new body!!)

Police News

Grab It (Not from a Cache)TausH grabbed The London Bobby
Found it in Leg o Mutton South (was dropped in North) according to the logs;
Will try to move towards some of the thieves.
(It seems strange things continue to happen as he was not in there when it was last checked!? Hopefully this is the end of the funny business, and he cannow be back in service without any trouble!)

Write noteK9 Unit has obviously visited the KT12 event north of Macclesfield
He isn’t going to be arresting anyone up there!

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