Bank Raid!!!

Another robber enters the race home for 3rd place!!

After laying low for quite a while Garth Vader made a dashs for it. Dan1983 witnessed the whole thing…
Dropped off mr Gareth Vader today. Sorry it took me a while to drop this. I had the opportunity yesterday to come up to London by myself and decided to cache in London.
I arrived in Richmond by tube and then put the coords in to the gspr. I couldn’t believe how far away it was. What a walk.
The idea of the cache sounds like a lot of fun and maybe Garth can get third place.
My first 5* difficult cache as well which is good.

Dropped OffDan1983 placed Garth Vader in The Bank
He gets a shiny gold coin, and a new label, and will be on his way home shortly!

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