Day 99…

I am still amazed how quick the first two got back. There doesn’t seem to be anyone close to getting 3rd place, but you never know when it will happen.

Robber News

Dropped OffHammer66 placed Peter the Pirate in Motorway Mayhem M25 J8 TB Hotel (Margery)

Dropped OffKieserson placed B J the Bank Bandit in Parabolic Flight

Retrieve It from a Cachesimplysup retrieved Valerio Viccei – Bank Robber
I shall try and move you southwards – as soon as we have a gap in the rainy weather!

Dropped Offlimehouselink placed Baby Face Nelson in Dollis Brook Geocoin Embankment

Police News

Dropped OffThe Renton’s placed D.I.Chramm in A Driveby and Trackable Hotel for Lucy

Dropped OffMarunders Map placed K9 unit in Mile Drive(2)

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