Day 116…




Summer at last! So it can’t be long before 3rd place makes it home, can it?
I am afraid that from tomorrow I will be away for a while, so there will be no updates for over a week! How will you cope Keep Calm and keep caching!!

Robber News

Dropped Offdaveh86 placed Stan The Man in Just Forest

Dropped Offwatery fowls placed East End ‘Arry in Journey of the Sphinx
from where Retrieve It from a CacheMickymoose immediately retrieved him.
They then Dropped Offplaced him in Abel Wood Campsite Remembered

Retrieve It from a Cachempw246pl retrieved Peter the Pirate
Poor old pirate pete didn’t pick up a quick lift – so will try to move him on to another choice cache.

Write notegeoibsons marked Ronald ‘Buster’ Robber as missing!
Pants, seems this tb is missing again. Not in Have a Pew in Kew I’m afraid. No-one has found the cache and signed the log since 30th June apart from Spire who confirmed the robber wasn’t there last week. I am hoping he will turn up again like he did last time…. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Dropped OffThe Banker placed “Bankjob” Bernie in Have a pew in Kew
Now on his way home.

Dropped OffThe Banker placed Garth Vader in Kew Porkies
Also on his way home.

Police News

Retrieve It from a CacheTheTreasurePunters retrieved D.I.Chramm
Will move on ASAP
then keeping their word Dropped Off they placed him in Billesdon Crossroads TB Hotel
Sent on his way to Wigston.

Dropped Offgeoibsons placed The London Bobby in Carry On Cruising
He is back on the beat!!


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