Day 128…

I have been away or the last week or so, and it seems there has been a lot of caching going on too. Lots of movement on The Bank Job, including all of the Police and an almost arrest! Still no-one looking like getting close to 3rd place, though…

Robber News

Retrieve It from a CacheTR64 retrieved Garth Vader
Will help Garth on his way Northward soon.

Retrieve It from a CacheSpread Your Wings grabbed Baby Face Nelson
Retrieved this TB yesterday from a cache in Whetstone.

Dropped Offmpw246pl placed Peter the Pirate in Lagoon Of Rest For Weary Travellers
then Retrieve It from a CacheDamanda! retrieved him.
Hope to move closer to it’s final destination soon! TFTTB

Retrieve It from a Cacherdgduke retrieved Stan The Man
Will try and get further south.
then Dropped Offplaced him in Inspire
then Retrieve It from a CacheJooleys Pips retrieved him.
Will move on very soon

Grab It (Not from a Cache) bugblaster grabbed Ronnie The Robber
Bumped into steadeon while trying to find a cache which he helped us find so we did a quick trade of trackables.

Retrieve It from a CacheTrickles retrieved East End ‘Arry
then Dropped Offplaced him in Alice in Wonderland 2

Dropped OffThe Man in the Hat placed Robbie McThiefy in New to Old – Nellie’s in a tangle


Police News

Retrieve It from a Cachecrazyladies retrieved K9 unit
Will look to see if I can move nearer to any of the others

Retrieve It from a CacheOwstoners retrieved D.I.Chramm
We are hot on the trail of the Hoover bandit. The long arm of the law will win in the end.
then Dropped Offplaced him in Newton Harcourt
Nice easy find on a very wet afternoon, the log was vert wet. Dropped DI Chramm off but the hoover bandit had done a runner before I got there.
Almost an arrest, but this might mean that The Hoover Bandit is missing!?

Dropped OffPataprice placed Keith the Thief in In The Line Of Duty #3 : SC James Grainge

Retrieve It from a CacheCJSTAR retrieved The London Bobby
Will keep The London Bobby moving asap 🙂

Grab It (Not from a Cache)alfarrow grabbed The Derby Bobby
Picked up from ‘IH7 Ingatestone Hall 7 – The Hall’

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