Race for Third…

It could be a close finish for third place.

TR64 posted a noted yesterday for Garth Vader...
On our way to Darwin Forest Country Park on Saturday and will pass Garth’s hideout cache on the way, so it would be rude not to drop him home. Prepare for that Bronze Medal unless someone else gets home in the next 48 hours.

And Ronnie the Robber has come south to Derby. I am heading south from Derby in a few minutes so I was all ready to go and collect him to take him home, but then I noticed that he is placed in PF Sunday which is an urban micro just down the road from me, and it is not big enough to hold a tb!!  I have contacted the cacher to ask where he really is- probably in one of the other local caches they visited today?

Will one of these make it home today? That will be the end of the formal Bank Job game, although all the tbs still out can continue with their missions and we can keep watching.

There has been an idea to hold a Bank Job Event. In the Autumn, a Midlands trip to London to visit The Bank, meet The Banker and do some other London caches. If you would be interested then leave comments with suggestions of what it could look like.

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One Response to Race for Third…

  1. Clipper247 says:

    If it’s my days off, i’m up for a visit to London. Make sure you don’t lower the D/T for the bank though, needed it for my D/T grid :)))

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