3rd Place

3rd place goes to Garth Vader!!

We were warned that this was iminent, and TR64 followed through on the promise!

Dropped OffTR64 placed Garth Vader in Alf to Oak: Homeward Bound
Garth is home and clinched bronze. Get in!
After having escaped from South West London, he holed up with us in Herts until the heat died down then made it to the appropriately named Homeward Bound nr Alfreton.

Congratulations to Ociethan. Garth was 10th to reach The Bank!

3rd prize is a personalised tag to attach to the robber for future journeys.

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2 Responses to 3rd Place

  1. TR64 says:

    We’ve uploaded some PICs of Garth’s homecoming. Unfortunately, C:Geo always logs blank for TBs, so had to edit the log after it was first posted. Really enjoyed helping out on this fantastic idea for a quest. By the way, tried to get East End ‘Arry from a nearby cache as I fancied a crack at the bank buy he wasn’t there.

  2. The Amasons says:

    Congratulations Garth Vader!

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