The End is Nigh…

So with the event next Saturday will come the end of The Bank Job 2012.
Of course, by putting 2012 on the end I am implying that there will be The Bank Job 2013. I think for the most part it was a fun distraction from the rigours of life, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I am still amazed how well it worked. A few of us started talking about it on a geo-walk one day and within a few weeks people were driving to London especially to drop a robber off at The Bank!

Special mention must go to Louise (geoibsons) who hosted The Bank and is hosting the Trip To The Bank event. She made a great hide, and maintained it well. She got personally involved in the plight of each robber who made a robbery, and without her the game could not have happened. Thanks Lou.

Also, especially in the initial stages, Neil (Spire67) was instrumental, so big thanks to him too- especially since most of his tbs either went missing or hardly moved!

I have contacted each of the robber owners, suggesting that they put a note on the tb page saying that the game has finished and calling them home. However, unless you hear differently The Bank will remain in place and if robbers do make it there they will still receive a gold coin and get sent back.

I won’t be updating that maps anymore, and although just for fun I might occasionally add some info to the blog about robbers who are still out there, it won’t be often.

If you have any ideas for improving the game for 2013 then leave comments or get in touch with chramm via

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