Trip to The Bank

Last Saturday saw the official end of The Bank Job 2012, with a few of us going down to London to visit The Bank. Normally a cacher would have to find a robber on his way to The Bank in order to get the co-ordinates. Today, though, we were all (mostly) robber owners and therefore had special access. Louise (geoibsons) organised an event Trip To The Bank and so some local cachers came and joined us too, also gaining special access to cache! We even had a Finish cacher, Jokkedesign,  with us!

The East Midlands contingent set off at about 7:30am and arrived in London at about 10:30am. We decided to head to Barnes, close by, for a morning of caching and the trail we chose was brilliant. Urban, yet not ridiculously busy, and with a good range of caches. We didn’t do our timings too well, though. We left Barnes (about 10 mins away according to the SatNav) at 1:45pm; plenty of time to get to Kew for 2pm. However traffic was terrible and so we did not arrive until 2:55pm. The event was well underway, though, and we arrived to much geo-chat and tb sharing.

The day before the event there were a couple of disappointments.
Firstly, it was sad to see that The London Bobby; the London-based policeman from the game, was marked as missing by a cache owner. We had hoped to gather some of the game players together and since he was in the area we expected The London Bobby to be there.
Secondly, Rodz had not logged a ‘will attend’. If you have followed the game then you will recognise his name. Some will immediately thing ‘sabotage’ others will be more generous!  Either way, he took a full role in the game and certainly provoked a reaction, from those playing, by kidnapping robbers and holding them hostage and various other shenanigans! We had hoped he would come to a local event so we could meet him.

It turned out that both of these were not disappointments at all. Rodz’s mischievous side continues and was there, with The London Bobby in his hand! He had gone to some lengths to get him (as he had with some of the robbers) too!  As we set off for our after-lunch caching, including the visit to The Bank cache, he waved us off and wished a ‘good time’ with a wink!

Louise has put a lot of work into her caches, including A Tribute to Sven and Choo Choo in Kew, so we had a great time finding some of them. Then we headed to the secret location for The Bank. Having watched it so closely it was exciting to finally find it. I headed into GZ and saw a good place straight away. I reached in, and pulled out a laminated note…

Rodz had one last prank up his sleeve. It turns out that his birthday was the day that The Bank Job started: 1st April, and so we soon decoded the new coords and set off. It was not far away, and we soon had the cache in hand. A great end to the game, I think!

We continued on our tour of Kew and did more great caches before heading home.
There are ideas floating around for The Bank Job 2013 to be European! The Trip to The Bank next year should be fun.

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