Announcing The Bank Job 2013

The Bank Job 2013 will begin on (or around) 12th February. It will be pretty much the same exciting format as last year, but with a few changes.vault

For a start, The Bank has moved! And since it is no longer in London, we anticipate it being a bit harder to get to, so it has also multiplied- there are two options for your robber to take. The location of the two banks will be announced nearer the time and the exact co-ordinates at the very last-minute, as the robbers will have the co-ordinates to both banks, and only they will know where to go!!

Also, new this year…
In conjunction with My Geo Gear, you can get a Bank Job travel-bug. Either use an existing code (maybe one that has gone missing), or get a new one. I have just ordered one for my robber, using my existing code!

Entries are being accepted now, just look at the [info page] where you will find all the details of the game and how to enter. Put any questions in the comments below and I can answer them. Last year we had 25 robbers taking part, it would be great to have more this year!!

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