Possible new maps from geotribes

After following a link on one of the facebook pages I found geotribes, a website that will plot all of your trackables onto a map, and allow you to select each one and see its journey and various stats. Very interesting to see all my trackables on one page, and handy for the summary of stats too.

My mind then turned to The Bank Job, and all the time it take me to plot all the robbers and policeman on the google maps that I used last year. If I could only enter all the robbers into something like geotribes, it would do it all for me!? So I emailed them and very quickly had a reply from Christian. It is not possible to enter other people’s tbs, geotribes will only track your tbs because you have to register and allow it to link into your GC account. BUT he said he was up a challenge!!

So, very kindly, Christian has offered to have a stab at adapting some of the existing coding to make a Bank Job map. It probably won’t be ready for the start of the game, so until something better comes along I will continue to use the existing system. Until then, if you could head on over to geotribes and  sign up to see your own trackables it would be an encouragement to Christian!!

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