Let the games commence…

In ten minutes time it will be 12th February 2013 and the start of The Bank Job 2013. Some robbers have already been placed in their home cache, and most others will be places  in the morning. Then at midday the two Banks; The Bank (South Wales)- GC43V5p and The Bank (South Coast)- GC43TN5, will go live and the race begins.

Hopefully cachers local to The Banks will start to get tetchy about a new cache that they can’t find, and as soon as a robber comes close they will scramble for it and help it into The Bank!

Robbers can enter at anytime, so if you would like to enter have a look at The Game page for all the instructions.

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3 Responses to Let the games commence…

  1. geoibsons says:

    Link to South Coast bank not working! Did the cache not get published yet? I see the Janitor is on the move already and the Welsh Bobby is sitting and waiting not toooo far away from the Welsh Bank!

  2. Lesley says:

    Hi, is it me or is only 1 Bank visible?

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