Day One…

So the game begins and already many that have been places have been retrieved!

Robber News

Dropped OffPlasmaWave placed PlasmaWave’s “The Bank Job” Robber in Hathern TB Hotel
then Retrieve It from a Cachestuarthowe11 retrieved him.

Dropped OffFretdancer placed  Pirate Pete in Kirkby Heights
then Retrieve It from a CacheAndyShellJessElla retrieved him.

Dropped Offchramm placed Robin Banks, Hopefully!! in Robber’s Safe House
then Retrieve It from a CacheMikeAnne retrieved him.

Dropped Offthe_dolans placed Don Dolan – Irish Mafia Boss in Nottingham Central Library TB Hotel

Dropped Offsixxdog_uk placed Desperate ‘Dog Tag’ Dave : Robber in Nikki’s 1st – Christmas Cache 2012

Dropped OffThe Amasons placed Larry Lender The Repeat Offender  in Bye Bye Birdie

Dropped OffMuddy_Puddles placed Buster “The Punk”  in KHWC #6 – Thick As Two Short Planks

Dropped OffcHramm placed The Janitor in Mease Meadow
then Retrieve It from a Cachemrspinkrat retrieved him.

Dropped OffNellsere placed Heart Robber  in A17 – TB hotel

Write noteKeith the Thief is joining the game from last year, but just before the game started he was moved to Holland by wellingfamily! They have been in contact and he will return to UK shortly!

Write noteRobbie McThiefy also joins us from last year; he starts in the hands of Bexter666

Police News

The Derby Bobby and Pompey Plod are yet to be deployed.

Dropped OffSATNAV16&STUMPY placed K9 unit in Leicester Forest East – M1 J21a (Motorway Mayhem)

Dropped OffGeogarley placed Chief Inspector Taff  in Well Read

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