Day 6…

The sun has been out, and I have been out for a geo-cycle, so I am assuming many more logs will come through as the evening goes on, but this is what has happened so far.

Robber News

Retrieve It from a CacheSplendidz retrieved Robbie McThiefy

Retrieve It from a CacheThe 3 Wise Monkeys retrieved Don Dolan – Irish Mafia Boss

Dropped Offchramm placed Robba Fett in Mease Meadow

Retrieve It from a Cachechramm retrieved Percy the Pilfering Plumber
and then took him to an event: Dropped OffSpeed Caching Event – Hints and Tips
where he was discovered by: TWO ANCHORSstrongsRusPipesy,
where he was Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieved by lgxkls

Dropped OffBenandJules placed Robbie ‘The Voodoo’ Robber in NAC #9 – Old Stumpy

Dropped Offcooper troopers placed The Italian Job in ruperts walk – along the river:3

Dropped OffKaosCL placed Wallace The Bank Robber in SideTracked – Beccapeppa at Lufbra

Retrieve It from a CacheGushoneybun retrieved Buster “The Punk”

Dropped OffAndyShellJessElla placed Pirate Pete in M1 Motorway, Junction 26 Travel Bug Motel
    but was soon retrieved by dazedemon


Dropped OffClipper247 placed Pompey Plod in Westbourne Parks – Monks Hill
and was then Retrieve It from a Cacheretrieved by natterjacktoad who was disappointed not to have found a robber with the co-ordinates!

The Derby Bobby and D.I.Chramm are ready to be deployed.


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