Day 11…

Is it hot, or is it cold? Last weekends warm spell bought out lots of cachers, but it has quietened down a bit over the last few cold days!

Robber News

Retrieve It from a Cachebatesandlaw retrieved Desperate ‘Dog Tag’ Dave : Robber

Dropped OffTowerclockman placed Deadbeat Pete in Kirkby Heights

Dropped OffThe 3 Wise Monkeys placed Don Dolan – Irish Mafia Boss in The not so old man of Calke

Retrieve It from a CacheDaniel2c retrieved Wallace The Bank Robber

Dropped Offlgxkls placed Percy the Pilfering Plumber in #11 Jurassic Jaunt
from where Retrieve It from a Cachestevens family retrieved him.

Retrieve It from a Cachelgxkls also retrieved Robbie ‘The Voodoo’ Robber 

Retrieve It from a Cachejill’n’steve retrieved Robba Fett
     then Dropped Offplaced him in Josh’s Jaunt

Retrieve It from a Cachefrenchtart retrieved Heart Robber

Dropped OffGushoneybun placed Buster “The Punk” in Woody

So as it stands 6 robbers are in caches, and only one robber has managed to leave East Midlands and he has only ventured over the border to West Midlands!

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