Robbie McThiefy and Robbie ‘The Voodoo’ Robber

Robbie seems to be a popular name for a robber. This year and last year we have more than one named Robbie! Both of this week’s profiled robbers, who were randomly selected, have the name…

Robbie McThiefyRobbie McThiefy ‘escaped deepest darkest Scotland to take part in a TB race’
He has clocked up so many miles because he also took part in The Bank Job 2012. In fact he successfully robbed The Bank in London on 11th April 2012. Just after reaching The Bank he was kidnapped in what became known as The London Drama. He was released unharmed after 5 days however, he did not manage to make it to his home cache near Derby so he has been re-entered this year, from his existing position.

He has made 14 moves in total, going as far north as Liverpool. He has visited two events.


Robbie Voodoo

Robbie ‘The Voodoo’ Robber started his Bank Job mission in a cache that is part of a new,much talked about series near Newstead Abbey, which was placed by his owners. It seems he had a bit of caching experience before starting as he was discovered out in the field just before the race began. As soon as the race did begin, though, he seemed to go missing! He was no longer in the cache, but no-one had logged him as found! A desperate plea went out on Facebook, which prompted lgxkls to check their bag. Sure enough, he was in the bottom having hitched a lift.

He was soon placed and coincidentally also made a visit to the same event that Robbie McThiefy visited. 

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