Day 15…

We have had a few new entries over the past couple of days, so we now have more robbers than last year! This means that we need a new policeman to keep up the ratios. If you would like to enter a policeman into the mix then leave a comment below. Meanwhile, those robber keep a’movin…

Robbers News

Dropped OffSplendidz placed Robbie McThiefy in Nags Pad – Great Oxendon
I know I have held Robbie captive for a while but plans were being hatched for his raid on one of the banks [}:)] hopefully his transportation will be here to pick him up soon…. Good luck Robbie!

he was then Retrieve It from a Cacheretrived by d120874n
hehehehhehehe I live just around the corner from the South coast bank!! I will be away till Thursday so will be able to do the job on Friday! Before then I am heading North to Sheffield so don’t panic if he appears further away!

Dropped OffMikeAnne placed Robin Banks, Hopefully!! in My Tree Hide 2


Police News

Dropped Offnatterjacktoad placed Pompey Plod in Church Micro 3009…Stroud

So as it stands there are 8 robbers in caches ready to be found.

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