Day 19…

We still have a few new robbers entered, and a new Police Officer is being trained up for deployment soon!

Robber News

Dropped OffJacaru placed ‘Eadcase ‘Arry in The Priory

Dropped Offmrspinkrat placed The Janitor in Allestree TB B&B

Dropped Offchramm placed Julie Andrews in Mease Meadow

Dropped Offstuarthowe11 placed The Borg Bank Robber in Barrow to Borough Trail #4 – I-V hide

Write noteThe Hoover Bandit is the first casualty! He had only made one move and the cache he was placed in has gone missing! He will restart from his Home Cache.

Retrieve It from a Cachesly2 retrieved Clint PobSlug the kid Clint entered last year’s game, but never even made it to The Bank! So he gets to start this year from wherever he is. A kind cacher has agreed to re-label him and set him off again. His Home Cache stays the same as last year.

Police News

Retrieve It from a Cachegeocollies retrieved K9 unit

Retrieve It from a CacheFiddleMad retrieved The Derby Bobby then Dropped Offplaced him in Grab a Trackable in Belper

As it stands 11 Robbers are in caches waiting to be found!

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