Bank Raid!!

This morning The Bank (South Coast) was robbed after only being open for 18 days.

d120874n was an eye-witness. He says…
There I was going into the bank as they opened at 0900 this morning when this wee Scotsman pushed past me and then proceeded to rob the bank – all this after I gave him a lift yesterday and even let him stay at my house! I have not seen him since but he was a nice chap and I hope he gets home OK!
All I got out of this was a FTF, I shall be watching to see when he gets home.
An easy find with the new coordinates.

We had seen this coming as d120874n has put a fair amount of effort into finding Robbie, probably due to living close to The Bank! They contacted Splendidz who had picked up Robbie last, and arranged for a convenient drop-off. Will he get home so qiuckly? We will see.

Robbie McThiefy

Dropped Offd120874n placed Robbie McThiefy in The Bank

He gets a shiny gold coin, and a new label, and will be on his way home shortly!

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