Day 20…

Not surprisingly the weekend brought about some movement…

Robber News

Dropped Offsly2 placed Clint PobSlug the kid in Stan’s Patch

Grab It (Not from a Cache)

Dotty_Loves_You grabbed Larry Lender The Repeat Offender

Retrieve It from a CacheRulers of Catan retrieved The Derby Bobby
This bobby is hot on the heels of the robber. Watch out crooks. Here we come!!

Dropped Offstevens family placed Percy the Pilfering Plumber in DMV Viewpoint

Dropped OffThe Banker placed Robbie McThiefy in Valentine 3 – A Catski Cache
With a gold coin attached, he is on the way home. He was very soon…
Retrieve It from a CacheGeoJaxx retrieved him, with a bit of sadness…
I came down to find this robber as I thought it would contain the coordinates for the bank and did not realise they were removed after he found it. I will just have to hope I can intercept another one on his way. The bank is my closest to home cache and I really would like a smiley on it.
So the next robber to get close will have some help!!

Dropped OffEnilu & Mr GB placed Robbie ‘The Voodoo’ Robber in Shustoke Shocker

Retrieve It from a Cachefliss29 retrieved The Borg Bank Robber

Police News

Dropped Offfam4tunes placed D.I.Chramm in Uttoxeter “Mini” TB Hotel

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