The Janitor Arrested- Again!

In last year’s Bank Job there was only one robber arrested- The Janitor.
So maybe it should not be a shock that it has happened again! After only a very short hop across his home town, he was apprehended by The Derby Bobby in Allestree TB B&B, just outside Derby, and arrested for conspiring to rob a bank.

Janitor arrest

Rulers of Catan
was an eye-witness…

“The Derby Bobby discovered the Janitor’s hiding place and arrested him!!
There’ll be no more nonsense from you sonny jim.”


The Janitor has been hiding in this new cache since 26th Feb, and was feeling safe because not many people were finding the cache- lots of DNFs!
The Derby Bobby had been slowly working his way south, ready to pounce, which he did successfully today.

Dropped Off
Rulers of Catan placed The Derby Bobby in Allestree TB B&B
so The Janitor is now out of the game!!



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