Buster “The Punk” and PlasmaWave’s Bank job Robber

Another two robbers are profiled for our interest.
After last week’s exposure, one of the robbers went on to rob The Bank! Lets see if it has the same effect this week…

Buster The PunkBuster claims to be a product of our corrupt society…
Yeah, I’m Buster, musician, videogamer & geocacher, what of it. I’m not a bad guy really, I’m just misunderstood, judged harshly because of the way I dress & the way I wear my hair.
I was on the straight and narrow until that day a couple of years ago when I was falsely accused of cheating at video games. I was just trying to stop others cheating, honest. They took my gaming rig man, that wasn’t cool. Now the only way I can afford to replace it is to rob a bank.
His beginning has been humble, only making one move so far, but his hopes are high.


The catchy-titled PlasmaWave’s “The Bank Job” Robber is the oldest of this year’s entrants.
“A few years ago I retired from a life of crime but have become a little bored with day-to-day life and would like to be the star in just one last robbery, so joined others to try ‘The Bank Job 2013’!”
He has clocked up miles as a companion of one cacher who has taken him on his travels. Meanwhile his owner (can you guess who that is?) was FTF on The Bank (South Wales). He did not know the location of The Bank until I emailed out the labels, but it just so happens that he was going on holiday to South Wales the day after the game started!

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One Response to Buster “The Punk” and PlasmaWave’s Bank job Robber

  1. chramm says:

    It is looking like these features have an effect!

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