Day 22…

Sunshine, and some trackable movement!

Robber News

Retrieve It from a CachePaneke retrieved ‘Eadcase ‘Arry
And had a close shave with past conflicts…
After pinching our planned cache sites, I should keep ‘Eadcase and take him to America in April. But not being one for revenge we’ll place him somewhere locally, good luck with the quest, hope he doesn’t get nicked.

Retrieve It from a CacheSSouter retrieved Percy the Pilfering Plumber
You will be pleased to know I’m on the way to Wales very very soon, my parents live there so I can at least get you to the right country! [:D]

Dropped OffGeoJaxx placed Robbie McThiefy in Village Hall Series #02 – Hambledon

Retrieve It from a Cacheallthebridges retrieved Buster “The Punk”
It seems the feature on this blog really does make a difference…
I had 2 reasons for a 260 round trip; to collect this TB to enable me to rob the bank in Pompey (obviously!!) and to ferry number one son to his University Interview at Loughborough!!!!  
Looking forward to the Heist tomorrow!!!!  Thanks for the Fun!!!

Police News

Retrieve It from a Cachestevens family retrieved D.I.Chramm

Retrieve It from a Cachetomato grower retrieved The Derby Bobby

So as it stands there are 8 robbers with co-ordinates in caches ready to be found and there is 1 robber on the way home.

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