Clint PobSlug the kid Arrested- and another failed arrest!

Three arrests in one week! The police have obviously been training since last year.
Clint PobSlug the kid is an experienced robber after taking part in last year’s race too, but this time experience did not pay off as K9 Unit arrested him in Stan’s Patch near Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, for conspiring to rob a bank.

clint arrestgeocollies was an eye-witness…
“The K9 unit had a tip off that Clint PobSlug the kid had gone to ground in the area. So he went undercover with the geocollies and, under the pretence of attending a dog agility show hitched a lift to track this no good thief down. The geocollies set off to sniff the bad guy out and the K9 unit casually came along pretending to be just another dog walker out for a stroll. His cover worked….he tracked Clint Pobslug the kid and nabbed him. Hurray, another triumph for good over evil. K9 unit stayed with Clint to make sure he didn’t try to make a break for it and get to the bank. Photographic evidence of the arrest is attached.”

Clint was a late entrant since he had not returned home from last year’s Bank Job. The cacher who had placed him last, sly2, was kind enough to co-operate with Benpob, Clint’s owner, and attach a new label and re-deploy him. He started with quite an advantage being closest robber to both Banks, but alas the advantage was not to be taken!

clint pobslug

Dropped Off
geocollies placed K9 Unit in Stan’s Patch
so Clint PobSlug the kid is now out of the game!!


Failed Arrest
It also looked like curtains for Buster “The Punk” when the euphoria of robbing was short lived as The Police arrived, this time Pompey Plod…

Retrieve It from a Cached120874n retrieved Pompey Plod
Nearly wet myself laughing when I found Pompey plod. Better still I saw on the way home that the bank was being robbed so put my blue light on and did my duty as a citizen of concern and took him to the bank to make an arrest.

Frustratingly, on arrival at the scene, Pompey Plod made a number of procedural errors, and so his arrest would never stand up in caught and was considered void.

This is because a robber’s Home Cache, The Bank and the first cache after The Bank are considered safe houses. The Police should not go to these caches and if they do, they have no jurisdiction to arrest. So Pompey Plod was reprimanded and will be moved on.

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